Our Consulting Commitment

Microphone ConsultingConsulting is the primary focus of KWVision LLC, church and small business consulting firm dedicated to providing marketing, social media, and management consulting services to small and rural congregations, faith-based organizations, nonprofits and small emerging businesses looking to increase their potential for success.  KWVision works exclusively with small congregations and businesses to develop practical actions that lead clients in the right direction for productive, relevant and concrete solutions.

We also provide congregations with resources, training, and support for their Christian Education ministry.  We believe Christian Education is that ministry of the church that undergirds the life of the Christian, the ministries of the Church and our witness to the community and the world.  Our mission is based on the teaching of Dr. Jonathan Jackson a professor of Christian Education at the ITC in Atlanta. We providing consulting services to support your Christian Education program.

Our Focus

Magnify consultingWe are focused on working small and rural communities to provide exceptional consulting services.  We believe that many areas lack access to efficient resources due to their demographic location and economic status.  Most of these areas are designated as rural, under-served and disadvantaged based on government data – most are identified as “HUBZones”.

Many consulting firms are not physically located in rural communities. Allow us the opportunity to help build and provide access to quality resources, tools, consulting and services.

Our Story

About Consulting

KWVision is a dream of its founder Kabrina Bass whose faith led her to believe that vision was a gift from God given to everyone.  Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (NRSV). Therefore, she started KWVision.


The concept was to create a company that would help individuals see their vision become reality. Kabrina believed her skills, experiences, and education would help others to fulfill their dreams in ministry, in business, and in society.

After starting the company in 2010, she worked with several congregations to update administrative systems, create processes and develop leadership skills.  Her work led her to partner with the African Methodist Episcopal Church which engaged her with more than 1,500 congregations.  She traveled the states of South Carolina and Georgia, seeing many rural congregations.  Her visits also exposed her to the lack of Christian Bookstores, craft shops and other resources that many in urban and metropolitan congregations take for granted.

As part of the church, Kabrina organized conferences, webinars and live stream experiences.  She developed social media sites, updated websites and created curriculum and instructional tools for congregations. She was instrumental in equipping Christian Education Directors, Superintendents and Christian Educators to develop materials that engaged individuals in the learning experience.

In 2016, her work with the African Methodist Episcopal Church ended and she began to assist the congregation in developing systems for membership and finances.  She also worked with congregations through seminars, conferences, and workshops to address assimilation, evangelism and using technology in ministry.

In April 2016, Kabrina completed the Kaufman Fast Trac for Entrepreneurs and realized her skills could also help small emerging businesses, therefore, she expanded the mission of KWVision to include these businesses in her mission.

KWVision takes the work of Christian Education and blends the work of Administration to create a business that cares about individuals and communities.  Our desire is to help others build their vision into their reality.

Our Founder

KBass ConsultingKabrina W. BassFounder & CEO

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Kabrina Bass is the owner of KWVision LLC and she is an independent consultant working with congregations, educational and faith-based organizations, nonprofits, and small emerging businesses. Kabrina is an experienced administrator with more than 30 years of experience in database management, strategic planning, operational management, marketing, and training.  She is a phenomenal speaker, teacher, and leader.

Kabrina believes everyone has been given a vision yet many do not pursue it as they lack access to the resources.  She is dedicated to helping individuals take their visions to reality utilizing strategic processes and tools to develop achievable missions, visions, and goals.  She is committed to local congregations and ensuring each congregation has access to Christian Education regardless of their physical locality or their socio-economic status.

She also established several online learning initiatives to facilitate universal access to resources. Therefore, she has endeavored to make training accessible via face-to-face, webinars, teleconferences or live streaming contacts. Clients working with her have discovered they have access to resources via the use of cloud technology. Resources are created and saved for virtual access.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with an Emphasis in Christian Education and a minor in Communication from Columbia College. She is a certified Christian Education Director through the United Methodist Church. Her academic preparation for the ministry also includes a Master of Religion degree with a focus on Christian Education and Spiritual Formation from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. The Interdenominational Theological Center recognized her work in Christian Education and honored her with Humane Letter, an honorary doctorate.


  • 30+ years in Christian Education
  • 30+ years in Administration
  • 20+ years of data management
  • 20+ years as a Church (Sunday) School Teacher
  • 15 years as a Christian Educator Consultant
  • 12 Years as an Episcopal District Christian Education Director
  • 10 Years of Desktop Publishing
  • 9 years as a Regional Instructor for the Connectional Christian Education Department
  • 8 years as an Executive Administrator in a local church