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Church communication is one of the most critical elements in congregation ministry. Too many congregations leave communication to word of mouth thereby reinforcing the premise of only “those in the know, know” therefore making communication of church information exclusive. I recognize many would challenge me on this hypothesis, however, think about your local congregations’ communication process.

Most congregations communicate through the infamous CHURCH BULLETIN.  The weekly publication of what is happening at the church. It is exclusive. Only those who are in attendance receive one and to be extremely honest the first 25 or 150 congregants (based on the number printed) receive the BULLETIN. Most congregations don’t set aside 5-10 BULLETIN for their guests, it never crossed the church leader’s mind that maybe we should ensure our guest receive a BULLETIN.

The second most infamous form of communications is the ANNOUNCEMENTS coming from the ANNOUNCING CLERK, which is usually read directly from the bulletin from which the pastor is encouraged to repeat during his/her remarks. However, some congregations have arrived as they use the monitors to communicate the announcement and avoid the announcing clerk and the opened microphone’s special announcements. Once again, exclusive to only those in attendance.

The third form of communication in some congregations is the amazing “newsletter” usually disbursed once a month and placed in the many locations outside the sanctuary, like the lobby, vestibule, hall or narthex, gravely depends on the traditional terminology of the church. If a congregation has advanced and embraced technology, this newsletter can be found on their website and may be emailed to their email recipients.

The fourth form and rarely used by most congregations is social media, where announcements are posted. Here is the first sign of inclusive distribution of information. Everyone has access and can read the information. Now some will argue, everyone in the church doesn’t prescribe to social media. I agree however over 2 billion people have subscribed to social media so you have a greater chance of reaching the masses.

The final form of communication and probably my least liked and valued is the dreaded ROBO CALLS!  Now the announcing clerk is virtual, in your ear, reading the long list of announcements the church leaders feel are important for you to hear, again!

Let me know your thoughts on church communication! Which form do you feel is most effective? If you could change it, what recommendations would you make?

This is my first blog. Warning, I am monitoring and will delete inappropriate or disrespectful comments. Thank you in advance.

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