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What Is KWVision LLC Consulting?

KWVision LLC is a consulting firm providing services to small and rural congregations, nonprofits, and small emerging businesses. We engage leaders in leadership, technology, finance, marketing, and administration through the use of processes to increase their potential for success. The most relevant service consulting offers to small and rural congregations are tools and resources.  Allow us the opportunity to work with you and your business.

Small print We Help You Succeed!

We focus our attention on two areas: Christian Education and Consulting.

Christian Education is designed for congregations to mature.  Christian Education equips congregations to use principals that are theological, Biblical, and doctrinal strong. We can follow Christian principles when we have experienced and engaged in teaching.

KWVision provides professional development for church leaders and educators. We offer curriculum design for Bible Study and Sunday School.

Consulting is diverse in scope as we address the needs of small and rural congregations, nonprofits and small emerging businesses.  We have learned that most of all there are basic needs that all these entities have in common. Furthermore, the management skills vary within each entity, all need basic accounting settings, chart of accounts, budgets, forecast, and financial reports.

The combination of Christian Education and consulting together work to build congregations, organizations and small businesses.  It seems like many are working independently and lose the value of collective value. Maybe if we collaborate in given regions of rural and underserved communities we could probably make significant changes which empower people and the community.

Finally, we have discovered that many of our targeted clients need assistance with customer, employees and volunteer communications.  Most noteworthy to all entities is the engagement of five generations which require the use of multiple media in communicating, therefore we assist our clients to understand their communication processes and their multi-diverse recipients.

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